Ambition lyrics

Athemane Aries x juniior fleek

Intro(athemane n fleek)
ahhh ahhh ahhh skkkk ahhh


Ngaphel'umoya Ntwan
sek'seduz phambili
Phanda isaka ntwan yemzin
Spana phush'ishandisi
Ngaphel'umoya ntwan yemzin
sek'seduze phambili
phanda isaka ntwan yemzin
spana dont you ever quit


I got the juice and ambition(Yeah)
Runnin the game with my niggas
i got the juice and ambition
they hatin ntwan am gettin madibas x2

yung buoy gotta ambition
Always jump on the mission
we now done with this section
We doin urbanisation
We gon find our perfection
We tryna make a living
Yung buoy gotta ambition
yung buoy gotta ...

Verse [fleek]

Sleep is for the rich
am always on my grind
Phusha phanda ntwan until you get a cheese
Never chase a bitch ntwan chase your dream
They finna put you down spana never quit
Niggas hatin when you Finna do your thing
Vuc jay now hell it down
One day I'll be the next with crown
Repin this town
Make my mother hella proud
The word on the street man talk bout me
End of the day I was nobody
Gotta hustle
make it 1 hunnid
Man I hate to brag but am doing good
Nigga am the truth
Making money move
All this fake dudes tryna copy moves
Bitches showing boobs when I'm in your hood

Pre hook(ries)
Hook (fleek)
Bridge(athemane ries)

Verse {athemane}

Young boy gotta ambition
My previous teacher said that I won't make it
Until I get myself together like a zip
i take a bread and spread then i aint sleep
ill never settle am always on my grind
am ass to ass with the devil
face to face ,nodding head with jesus
holy bullet is my prayer done with evil
and know...
Am the kiiid with the vision
i got a feeling that your feeling got no meanin
am the reason for you to be on Tv
am that nigga planned to do it,thank god i just did it
You thought youve seen it all
guess what i just seen it
my bi**c fell in love with smoke blower
you aint score up
since she blow***you now
take smoke out
blunt it on camera
watch my future