Alone In The Dark

Alone In The Dark (Prod. by Atchaar)

Atchaar Rsa

Mana Njalo (2018)


7:32 In The Morning I Jus Woke Up,
Been Dreaming About The Top Man I dream About Getting Shot, But God Always Got Me I Survived All Those Spots,

My Life Is Like a Movie man I'm acting all The Time, I Gatta Be Like I'm Happy Even Though I'm Not Alright, Noma Sekngahlekisi Man I have to Fake A Smile, Khala In The Back Door, Sek'kaningi Ngfihla t'nyembeti Nge Smile Joh, Ngishe Ngaphakatsi Kodwa Bonke Bangaboni , Crying On The Lord That's The Only Thing That Heals Me, Moma Told Me Sektolunga A Don't Know You What She's Seeing
So As I Woke Up, Walking On The Street Walking On The Street I Just met this Other Nikka , I Call Him Grootman And I Treat Him like My Father, He Told Me Atchaar I'm Proud Of You And I Pray You Never Change, I Pray I don't forget this I Mediate It All Days, some Moments Got Me Feeling Like I'm Gonna Die Sooner, Kants Akukho Loko Maybe Nglokuts Mhlampe Ngyakhula, And The More I grow Up Is The More I Be Significant, Magnificent , I Don't Get Mad, I'm Being A Man, I'm The Best Man