Ode to a Patient God

You sit and watch
The cars and planes hurry by
You wonder when they'll arrive
Sometimes you try to catch their eyes
They turn to hide, and you turn to sigh

And don't you go insane?
All 6,000 years of us treating you this way
All this time well, does it make you tired?
I can't believe you waited for me
Like it was worth your while

We see the church and the lost
You see your bride and your sons
And full of hope, you carry on
Making us one, just on and on

And patiently, you wait
Never wanting us to die if we could still be saved
Oh, is it so? having all control
And that controlling nothing at all
Of what you're hoping for

And i surround my gate tonight
Searching to and fro to find someone who will fight
And i oh, i wonder what you see
I can't believe you waited for me

And so if there's anything you need
Anything at all, you just call
I made a promise i'll keep
So 'til we meet