Make Believe

Radio friendly intelli-pop.

If someone was made to listen to late 1980s early 1990s bubblegum pop, there's one of two ways they could go as a grown up. Either go stir crazy and only ever listen to Leonard Cohen, or make music like The Arrows.

It's energetic electro-pop with some beguiling riffs and great production.

Lonely Soldiers makes me wonder what it would've sounded like if Kate Bush was only now starting out, while the beginning of Make Believe reminds me of The Style Council for the way The Arrows meld jazz, pop and classical aesthetics. (They're not TSC, they're just also trying to fuse various influences.) This may or may not be what originally influenced them, but it is what I'm reminded of.

Lovesick is currently getting plenty of radio airplay and with its varied tempo and lively chorus it's got legs.

The Arrows are strong on the melodies which tend towards the sweeter side of life without getting too sickly sentimental. Dance beats and catchy hooks abound, but the third leg that normally makes up pop music, throwaway lyrics, is missing.

Once you get past the high- energy, acoustic-pop sound and actually listen, you notice the lyrics are heavily Christian without going the praise song route (that's if you hadn't cottoned on to the fact that The Arrows have always been a decidedly Christian band).

The lyrics are affirming and every now and then a quirky one-liner zings your way. Whatever. It's good music, - well-produced, well-crafted pop with a textured sound incorporating not only various instruments, but the aesthetics of different music genres into a cohesive sound.


# Title Length
1 No Robots 3:37
2 Entropy 3:58
3 Lovesick 4:00
4 Lonely Soldiers 3:29
5 Make Believe 3:56
6 All In 3:50
7 World Interrupted 3:26
8 Ode to a Patient God 4:03
10 Walking on Water 3:55