Nx Level


Guess whose back
Spitting from the heart
Nigga thats rap
Lay everything on a beat
Cough it out like its benlyin 
Steel bars got that adrenalin
Rhyme and poetry nigga thats
Ice and gucci nah niggas thats
Rap is for the mind and soul
Helps me grow with the music
I keep ma focus like an HD Lens
And the blur out the bullshit
I been out casted for this rap shxt
Im on iphones like captions
Imma spit hype like im air born
Imma spit fire with no charcoal 
in front of the mic i feel god like
Rap's for the mind just keep it tight
Suicidal bars like the thoughts in my
Got this rolex dreams but im lost in the
I keep ma mind in this note
Do it hard so the fans know ma quotes
Make sure what i do aint left
In vein
If you hating ma nigga you just gon
Feel the pain
I vent everytime on this songs
Now i got the moves like im big sean.