Love You

Love You (Prod. by Psycho)

Amo Kraze

Amo Single Release (2017)


[Verse 1]

It's been long time
Guess what's the past
Too many, many tears
Since I saw you last
I gotta find a way to see you soon
'Cause I haven't seen you for a while
And that's killing me deep inside
I know it might not be now
But I guarantee I'll make it anyway


Now you know I'm everything I can be
And you know that you're everything I can see
Everyday, every second, every place
I know I'll make it anyway, everyday
I'll make it, make it, make it everyday

[Verse 2]

ooh just us together
Be there for one another
A force so strong it can't be broken
No it won't be broken
No matter where I am or where I'm gonna be we'll get there someday
We'll get there, get there, get there someday


Now c'mon
There's nothing you can do
To drive me away from you
I'll be waiting for days and days
And no matter what chu do
I'm still gonna love you, love you, love you, love you, love you
No matter what chu I'm still gonna love you