I hear the sound of a rushing mighty wind and that of the trumpets.
The cloud is dark is dark and the earth’s satellite has lost its function,
Thunderstorm and lightening has taken over the place of calmness and quietness.
Could this be an eclipse, natural disaster or mere coincidence?
Well, not to worry for it will soon pass.
We’ve sure seen this before.
Wait a second!
This is different.
My senses are failing me.
My brain can’t assimilate this.
What is this sign I see in the sky?
Or, are my eyes deceiving?
I must be dreaming.
This could be a revelation.
But it is way too real.
The coming of the son of man, but why today?

And while men gave up themselves to vain affections and lustful desires,
Religious leaders quarrel, slander and kill others because of filthy lucre and positions,
the devil stepped in and made his abode in a holy but defiled environment.
Pornography is been brought to our door steps and people are conversant with it – adult and children alike.
The body of Christ is divided among itself.
How can it make progress?
Why won’t the gate of hell prevail?
What then is the source of your message, sir?
The scripture or yet another doctrine?
Why do you compromise?
What happened to the truth you held so tenaciously?
Oh! Men are not giving ears to sound doctrines.
False prophets, pastors and teachers are telling them what their ears itches to hear.
We say we serve the Lord but little foxes and secret faults lurks within.
While men slept, the enemies sowed tares.

Oh! What a world?
What a disgusting world?
A world where marriage has lost its position of bed undefiled and sexual purity.
A world where a pastor could sleep with his members even in the temple without fear or guilt.
A world where gossiping and slandering others out of the faith is a lifestyle.
A world where people deliberately ignore their maker and follow the leadership of their flesh simply because they’ve got the power of choice.
A world where decency has lost its position to unholy provocative dressing.
A world where fornication is replaced with having a good time and adultery with tasting other meals.
A world where cheating and stealing are the fastest means of becoming rich.
Oh! I cry.
I cry because we keep making the wrong choice and turn around to blame God.
I cry because we’ve done terrible things than the destroyed generations before us.
Is this the church Christ is coming back for?
What fruits do you produce?

I see the host of heaven in so much busy,
Getting the robes and mansions ready.
The angel s and martyrs on standing ovation.
The four living creatures have got their eyes fastened on the earth.
“It is time for the harvest” (3x)
This is what I hear.
But it is so unfortunate that there are so many weeds and tares in the midst of the good plants.
Determine your fate now.
Will you be among the plants that will be harvested and kept safe or the weeds that will be thrown into fire and thick darkness where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth?
Ha! Right where you are, look deep inside and reconsider.
Is the Lord happy with you?
Are you sure you’ve not modernized righteousness and holiness the standard of God?
Are you sure you’ve not despised corrections and instructions because you need no man to judge you?
Why not lift your hands and cry for mercy?
Why not loosen that reprobate heart?
make a pledge today that you will compromise no more.
You will backbite no more,
you will harden your heart no more.
And to you who is holy, ha! keep been holy.
You who is holy, keep been holy.
You may not be understood, recognized or applauded by men
but rejoice for great is your reward.
Love and grace flows from His throne.
He which testifieth these things saith:
Surely I come quickly and my reward is with me.
Even so, come Lord Jesus!

For I am thine………………….Oh Lord!
Keep me on the race, keep me on the race (2x)
For I am thine………………….Oh Lord!
Keep me on the race, do not let me fall.
I am thine, I am thine
I am yours, I am yours
Keep me God, hold me God, deliver me.
Don’t let me go off the track,
don’t let me fall by the wayside,
don’t let me loose my crown,
oh….God, Keep me yeah…..
And even if the righteous are scarcely saved,
Lord, keep me.
When the love of many waxes cold, oh God
Jesus save me yeah…..
And even if the fist shall be the last, Oh God!
Uphold me …….
Don’t let me draw back Oh God,
don’t give me a chance to think of it yeah……
For I am thine………………….Oh Lord!
Keep me on the race, keep me on the race (2x)
For I am thine………………….Oh Lord!
Keep me on the race, do not let me fall.
Don’t let me fall….
Don’t let me fall
Keep me on the race,
Do not let me fall.