Insomnia for Love

Insomnia for Love
Artist: Alex Sol

Thinking and crying alone in this empty room
It’s the first time we ever parted so long
I miss him so much I could die
How could I live without him by my side?

Honey, come back to me I want you in my arms again
Can’t you feel the beating of my heart?
Please come home my love I need you in my life
When will you fill my emptiness inside I am so sad.


Wondering what he’s doing as of this moment
I let him go and gave the freedom that he wanted
He taught me how to love and to humble myself
Showed me ways of correcting my mistakes.

But baby, the space between us is unbearable
I can’t forget about you I tried hard
I was too proud and I never saw that, you said
Will you still love me and give us a second chance?