Sunshower, just a sign of the power Of loving you,
oh, baby Sunshower,
got me by the hour Wanting you, oh, baby

[Verse 1: Aka]
And the beat goes
They don’t make it like this no more
Skhot’ so hard bosso ke mang
Everything good but I ain’t Dbanj
I work so hard everyday we span
Party don’t stop till I say we done
Head shots and I’m tossed Silver and gold
Then use all night figuring out how these situations unfold
He probably throwing his dick around
And I’m waiting up for his call
Yeah this whole club is so turned up
Nobody try go home Black cards, rap stars these hoes tryna get chowed
I stay on my grind, you stay on my mind
I spend my time ” wanting you oh baby”

Coz you my sunshine
All I need is my sunshine
To come and warm up
These lonely nights
My sunshine you are
That’s right coz after it all
Into your arms I’m gonna crawl
Baby after all Into your arms I’m go crawl

[Verse 2: Aka]
My niggaz got their cash right
We been in the dungeon
I’m talking about that cave life
Yeah that’s the strength in numbers
So one time for the spouses who instagramed their outfits
Party every sense but the swag from the township
My bitch is bad I usually tap no strings attached
You take my hand We fall in love
I just hope you can catch I take you on vacation
Smoke in Jamaica whilst you tan
Even your friends hate it
They look at you with contempt
Baby just dry your eyes
They can try all they like but Imma spend all my life.. ” wanting you oh baby”