Akuna Mathata

[Intro: Muzee]
Akuna Mathata, Akuna Mathata

[Tag: AirDee]
M'na ndiyay' thand' imali

[Hook: AirDee]
Killin' these beats everyday, everyday like akuna mathata
Ko jella moradi ke smile'r le wena akuna mathata
Hao phapha kao clapa kao raga majita akuna mathata
I don't rap, I don't sing but i'm killin' this beat akuna mathata
'Kuna mathata, Akuna mathata
'Kuna mathata, Akuna mathata
'Kuna mathata, Akuna mathata
'Kuna mathata, ah ah ah Akuna mathata

[Verse 1: Muzee]
They say more money more problems
I need more problems this side so all you dick riders can pick mine
And when you pick mine, terms and conditions and zonke apply
Cel' ungabaizi (Cel' ungabaizi)
I'm back up on the mic and I'm sounding right
And I don't give a damn if you ain't hear me right
Your girl feeling my flow and it can't be right
Awu bheka wena simnandi, everything is so stundee
Mabengafun' ukus' bhadala sobangena weer weer nou ngale shandis
Ubani wakutshela kuthi thina siyahlupheka
Hayi maan sani uyasi sukela
Isgubhu sakabani lesi? Bonke abantwana bafunuku' sgibela
And angeke sisfoste ( angeke sisfoste)
Sfika kule ndawo and bese siyamosha and vele ntwanam' angeke niskhohlwe (angeke niskhohlwe)

[Pre-Hook: Muzee]
Awung' tshele wena kuthi ufunuk' hamba nobani haaa, hamba nobani (x2)

[Hook: AirDee]

[Verse 2: K2]
Haona mathata when poppin' these tags like a G (like a G)
I been reppin' my city I told them I need me a key
They've been, droppin' the bar I believe ?
I got me a trick up my sleeve
Haona mathata they're bringin' my tea ka komiki
Goal in the pole, RVP with the header
They can not stop me not ever
I gotta go get her
Bringing the cold to December
Rap undefeated, Mayweather
I got me no worries, I got me no stress
Nowadays I'm the one that they recommend
I'm stating facts, your life a movie you n**gas just act
Look, cut direct, I'm gonna snap
My n**ga your hatin' ain't making me mad
I'm actually glad, I got your shawty in back
She ask where bottles be at, I told her relax
(I told her relax)

[Pre-Hook: Muzee]

[Hook: AirDee]

[Outro: DJ Junior De Rocka]
Eyo it's your boy Junior De Rocka yow! (aha)
All the way from 031
Shout out to my n**ga AirDee
Not forgetting The Fraternity yow
Eyo AirDee I think you got one dawg
Akuna Mathata, what?
Akuna Mathata ( aha)
Akuna ma' what? Akuna ma'
Akuna mathata