Future Trap

Future Trap (Prod. by Acrylic da benny)

Acrylic da benny ft Solutage

Future Trap (2018)

Verse 1(Solutage)
Young by age adult on a stage
Flyin on range lyin on a cage
Fryin on a face when im ridin on a train
Tryna get fame homies are lame im their
Captain im their trainer

Verse 2(Acrylic da benny)
Ah ey I dont understand why u hatin look i
Dont understand y u trippin look
Im trappin u trippin im trappin she's strippin
Whoa whoa u hatin I whip ya whoa u hatin i
Whip ya skkarr skruu u hatin i whip ya u hatin

Look i dont understand y u hating look
I dony understand y u trippin ey skurrr
Future trap ey u know ey how we do it yeah
Future trap u know how we do it ya
Whoa u hatin I whip ya u hatin I whip ya

Corus(Acrylic da)
Ahh damn ahh damn I was right
Ahhh corner to corner look at em
Smokers they wanna be rappers look
At em rapppers they wanna be racists look
At em rappers they wanna be trappers

Ahhh ey ahh ey trappers be like
Ah ey future trap baby
Ah ey Future trap baby

Ahh yaa future trap baby u know how we do
It skruuu future trap baby u know how
We do it ya ey future trap ey future trap ey
How we do it ey future trap future trap

Verse3 (Acrylic da benny)
Look everything I say come true
Look everything i dream come true
Look its a done deal nigga
Give me some break ill make u
Some bread and ill break em chains for u ma
Nigga look im the rapper that turn on the lights
So that everybody in the club can do the turn up

Ey so I say ey future trap baby
U know how we do it
Ey future trap

Verse 4(Solutage)
Future trap got some homies dancing
Future trap got some homies prayin
Future trap got some homies begging
Homies begging for fame
Signing those forms
Everyday hustling
Everyday running for records
Everyday praying for money

Everyday its feeling like a new day

Everyday feeling so dope
Now u know they bad about us
We the future makers we the future trappers ya

Future trap baby u know that's how we do it
Future trap baby u know that we got this
Future trap now u know that its the realest

Corus(acrylic da)

Verse 5 (Acrylic da benny)
Oh damn ey slippery
Future trap
Fu future haters haters gonn always hate trap
Trap on the whole another level
Futurw trap plus haters on me u a slippery
So i say future trap baby u know ahh how we do it
Ey future trap


Solutage the realest

Acrylic u want some more right
Acrylic u want so more right