The Summer's Over, Rest Well Pt. 3

[Verse 1: A-Litic]
You helped me find your lies when I was searching for honesty and honestly I could see you weren't tryna honor me
I'm looking back and I can see this is probably why I chose not to stick around, it was troubling

You lied to everybody then you asked for the truth
Shit how damaged were you?
Shit how bad were you bruised?
You were known not to be trusted man what happened to you?
And you painted me the vilian, I was sculptured by you

Yeah you left me confused, I felt jaded and used
But I guess this is nothing new, just unfair and unusual
I was just another target and I fell for the bait
Pushed me to the limits just to see what it would take for me to break

I'm still the same nigga that you played but a lot smarter
I go harder, every single day
This not one of them songs where I'm usually one to blame
I just need you to be brave and own up to your mistakes

People change, circumstances stay the same though
Yeah they'll stab you in the back and trust me that's how the game go
I had a lot to heed, a lot to let go
A lot a shit to figure out but still I smile and I let go

[Verse 2: New Age Solomon]
I feel the pain of loving you, I know that I am sprung
I know this is a calling but my phone has never rung
Somehow you never hear me like I speak a different tongue
In your juiced up world, everyone is dying young

I always show you love but you never give it back
You're the apple of my eye, remember when I used to mack?
To you I never felt the need to brag about a stack
From the start I've kept it real & just presented all the facts

I'm trying to stay calm, even though I'm provoked
in this game of thrones it's hard for you to pet a ghost
I feel insecure, I'm not happy 'bout who you chose
It's hard for me to get the picture but I understand the pose

I've been patient for too long now I'm starting to feel sick
Will I ever get my time? I'm just waiting for one tick
Talk to me, walk with me, I cannot handle the pressure
Of knowing that I'm better, hand it to me like a gesture