[Verse: A-Litic]
Made it this far cause I'm gifted
I'm hungry for success, I have an animal ambition
I live by the truth, nothing that I do is fiction

I done paid all my dues, don't even play by rules
Even if the size fit, not a mile in my shoes
You wouldn't take all the bruises from this lane that I paved
Learned a lot of lessons from the mistakes that I made

Hella blessed, I remember I used to take a taxi to record
That way before my prime, back then I still had chores
I was told if you want it, you got get it and its yours
I'm the person I aspired to be

Yeah, I'm the person they aspire to be
Made a lot of changes in my life so I'm proud of me
I know it takes a lot to admit when you wrong so I apologize to the people I dissed in my songs

I was young and immature, I was tryna make a name for myself
Never had a problem picking people to blame if it helps
My ego, sitting up and counting zeros
Yeah but that's the thing of the past

Going back to broke is an option I don't think that I'll have
I'm moving smarter now, making investments that'll last for an entire generation
That is how I'm gonna make it out the rat race
Type of money that'll make you pull a stank face

Living in the belly of the beast
Survive on your own merits, I made it through killing beats
Where nothing is ever shiny, you have to earn your own carats
Had to move like Hov, that defines my whole character

I know what I stand for, I know what I won't kneel for
If I don't die on my feet then I don't know what I was here for
Aren't we all tryna make history
I know that I am and that's it for me yeah

[Outro (Spoken Word): Will Smith]