Roses Pt.2

I'm feeling like I'm the greatest out here
I never pass the pen, don't treat it like a blunt yeah
Last year I had a light year but this year I told niggas that it's my year oh yea

I'm high up in the clouds, some are searching for clout
They be searching for my bio tryna see what I'm bout
You only heard me through a friend my music is word of mouth
Now everybody in my boat even those who used to doubt

They in my boat cause they feel the flows
You only rap about drugs we don't relate to those
I could've made it long ago but I choose to stay school
Now that math is the reason I make calculated moves

Rap bars yeah I'm lifting them up
It's not the truth if you heard it not coming from my mouth
I'm just a young rap star balling
But I could've done it easy and be a pop star darling

That's not a shot I'm just rapping the truth
I am a fan I'm just mad at what that Autotune do
Pardon my shoes, stepping on rappers who tryna get in the way
You better quit that lean drinking, it just gets in your way

I see a lot of talent go to waste
I know niggas who only hustle with guns in their waist
Yeah I understand you just caught in your ways
But wake up lil nigga don't let that passion fade away

We've all made mistakes
We all are in shame
Put that rope down non of these problems are worth a grave

I'm just tryna play my part and be an inspiration
Time to build a nation of stars, a constellation
Look into the mirror see the truth staring
Time to put your hurt down you've been carrying
Pull those pants up that you've been sagging
Quit that rapper attitude and stop jumping on every bandwagon

I chase a bag cause I have to do it
Nobody put me on my nigga shit I had to do it
Another opp for me to shine, please don't shadow block it
Stop riding my dick cause you complain when I'm actin cocky

What's more beautiful than life itself
The only time you use your voice is when you cry for help
Don't treat my album like a book I want it off the shelf
I want my roses when I can still smell them
I behave reckless

You can't even speak your mind no more
You can't even trust a friend to ride for you no more
Yea you can't even pray to God no more
You sold your soul to the devil think you won't die no more

Shit is crazy man this life that we in
We can't control our sins, we all fight from within
Ourselves , it's really pitiful, I hope we find peace
This is truth, I'm just happy I can say my piece