Verse 1:
I'm everything they always said I can't be
I had to prove them wrong including my family
I see their actions and it's getting kinda evil now
Hurt from your family, they not the same people now

You call your people family but you ain't got no loyalty
You bailled out when I needed you most
I blame the distance, I mean we not even close
So it only makes sense that you treat me as ghost

But uhm
Your life is your life you better live it that way
I'm still praying, still tryna fight the demons away
You know just how I feel cause I put it in my songs
You kicked me outta your heart clearly I don't belong there

I'm just praying for the better days
For everytime I had to stress and I medicate
For every time you checked on me but couldn't relate
I was going through a lot but it gets worse

I mean
I could paint the picture for you but I rather not
I had gun up on my lap, I almost took a shot
I was popping pills on a daily man I couldn't stop
You told me you'll be there, but you were always not

See it's kinda crazy, I know you don't wanna see me this way
I just need you to be there to wipe my tears away
I only need you to be there to chase my fears away
Cause I be feeling kinda lonely when the family's away

I need to cut ties, I need distance from a lot of y'all
Y'all be acting all fake, y'all just tryna get involved
In my business cause you see that I'm popping
Don't wanna speak about myself, that's not up for discussion

I'm just tryna stay sane but it's hard when you weak
I'm at a point where I don't give a fuck what you think
This is hard work, man a decade of devotion
I had the engine running time to put the plan in motion

See I
I'm looking for something new like January 1st
I'm lost in somebody who's afraid of getting close
That's the price you gotta pay for always getting hurt
So she's not looking for someone who's gon' make it worse

I'm looking for someone that's down for me
The one who'll buckle up when it's time to ride for me, yeah
I need someone to save me
I need someone who's not afraid to drown for me, that's real.