You wanna know

You wanna know (Prod. by Crusader & Dee Phildz Beatz)

3mcity Jay

I tried to tell you (2020)


Yeah umm,
im entitled to ,
some untitled thoughts,
i wrote a deep song using a heart-beat ,
i know that she loves me i dont doubt that,
Reasons enough to make the whole project only for one person,
but still feel like you havent said enouh,
i guess thats what happens when youve' seen enough ,

You get her to lose her and before you know it,
wonzwa voti true love never dies
if thats true can you answer this,
how can it die when it's the murderer?
this is not song with you can dab to
unless you relate to it
words with a fusion of a dark soul,
hollup let mi let u relax
cause whats coming is a pre-death

Not that much of a chorus in it
not that much of a vibe in it
but dont be surprised
you wont be surprised
cause even torn souls can dance to this

once upon a time i was a nice guy
i guess yall know how the page ended
its deeper rap
its deeper than people thinkin' i'm deeper than rap
its not easy for me to keep breathin this air
inside a luxury hell

Your intentions were pure but the actions were dangerous
how can a chain of lies save a life?
the lies were true , the truth ws lied to ,
i doubt the truth i thought was true to me

i know you gon'
who i was
when i bounce
straight from your head to your common sense

but when that time comes i might not be around
to give you the attention that i gave you before
i might not live forever but the music will
help you see me when im not around
do i say enough when i say a lot
do i say a lot when i say enough
not that much of a chorus in it