Only (Prod. by Mikelah & Dee Phildz Beatz)

3mcity Jay

I tried to tell you (2020)


Pasin iwew hakuna umwe wandinoonaaa
hakuna mumwe hakuna umwe wandinoona

Ndipe love(heh)
vhuya lapha babe you the one (Ahhaa)
Ndipe love(heh)
vhuya lapha babe you the one (Ahhaa)

Ndaisa call zvikanzi nabae (am i the only 1)
i tried to tell and i tried to tell (am i the only 1)


African girl
All i wanted was a pretty soul right before i get famous
Just so when say she loves the boy
i know that she's not fakin'
She don' follow trends
she follows me
she's the type to tatoo my name
she's super proud to be Ms Jay
she's the type to call me lion king
sittin'on throne like she wont tell 'em that she's the motherlovin' Queen
All about you x3


money ,power , fame
they may come and go
If a nigga grinds if a nigga dies
if a nigga ......

Just know
its all about you x3
Just stay true its all about you
its all about you x3ï

! Chorus!