Forever Mine

Forever Mine (Prod. by Crusader & Dee Phildz Beatz)

3mcity Jay

I tried to tell you (2020)

*Chorus*(3mCity Jay)
if i had a shootin star
maybe i would just wish that you was on my side,
i would wish to make you forever mine
im like ummm question
why you lyin to yourself ?
No you not okay
im like
baby girl i just need you close to me
why you lyin to yourself?
girl you need e boy
i mean we just meant to be girl
why you lyin' to yourself?

!Verse 1!
why you lyin' though
i know you cryin'
why u lyin though
i know you try hard to fight it
so scared u can't stop it
all the memories hunt you dowm
dreams come true you
if you want them to
just stay


Kugara ndega kuri better
if i cant live life ndine wandino ( AAy)
cause i cant live a lie on the other side
so if you tell me to pick a side
imma pick you