Blood tears

Blood tears (Prod. by Mikelah & Dee Phildz Beatz)

3mcity Jay ft Ytiz

I tried to tell you (2020)

*!Verse 1!(3mCity Jay)*

I was sittin on the couche
Thinking wild
Evil thoughts
Depression killin my soul
Dreams i had,drownin in my thoughts
See my eyes burn ,its a long story
Can i say my mind?
Can you listen close?
Can i shade a light in your dark thoughts?
I wrote a letter to the graveyard
Told him that im comin,
He said im welcome
Born to be a better person
Raised to be a savage,
Pressure in my head
how should i react?
some of those things you dont realize ,
They eatin you inside
its hard to say the words or make you understand
But ill try my best like its all i have
its all about emotions i keep safe
tryin not to let them out cause nobody can take it
but when my eyes burn,
they really burn

*!Chorus!* *(3mCity Jay)*
I just thought ndawana a girl whose not into matsaga
i just thought ndawana a girl anondida zvemoyo
Livin in broken promises
Broken trust
Broken faith &
Livin in broken promises
You broke my heart
And my faith girl
Livin in broken promises
Broken trust ,broken faith and,
I used you love you ,you know
I used to trust you,you know

*!Verse 2!(Ytiz* )
I used to love you oh know
But you broke my heart and my trust girl
Ndambakuudzwa ndini asi nhasi uno ndazvionera
I felt the comfort in your love zone
Was too reluctant when the bus stopped even my third eye didnt anticipate it
Hit me by surprise like a super kick
You couldn't just wait you chose fake love
You want diamonds and gold but dignity can't be bought
I don't hate you girl cause I loved you but want you to live your life and want you to fuck off

*verse 3(3mCity Jay)*
Trust me ill never trust again
no love i lost that back then
im in the middle of it
broken promises
broken families on the floor
i rap a lot just so i can get ahead of it all
they told me i should not believe in this love,
what did i do ?
i stood for you
what did you do ?
you let me down,
and then what ?
i started askin myself ,
a lotta questions no answers,
was love blind enough to block the truth
they told me i should better be brave ,
if that was love i overdosed
i got betrayed
i lost my faith
a broken heart
a million pieces
no more lies i need no speeches
i jus need
a piece of mind
you pissed me off
but i....

! *Chorus* !(3mCity Jay & Ytiz)