Sextasy (Prod. Ovra J)


Woah, woah
Woah, woahh


Pull up on you, you looking saucy
Pull up on you, you looking sexy
Pull up on you, it's a crazy day, it’s a crazy day, yeah
She fly, she high, looking at the sky
Wit' my bitch in the pool and we cool aye
I call her Amber Rose cause she looking so fly yeah


Told her baby girl I ain't new this
Called you Mrs. Miles cause I thought you was perfect, you was perfect on the name you was perfect
She know how to make a nigga go, go crazy
Since she fly then she make a nigga go lazy
Double tapping, giving heart on her Instagram
She posting pictures wit’ no caption man she fly
Yeah, hmmmm

Fuck wit' me I can do you no harm
I was drunk, I was high wit' no power
Take my powers and lower your tone
Pick a number, hold your phone and leave my ass alone
Take my soul then lose my numbers
Wish you was here, I remember back in 13 when I had my first lil bitch yeah
Let's just go to the moon, lose the gravity
Go to the room, gimme' sextasy

And I won't forgive
And I won't forget
You aren't like the rest of em yeah yeah
Fuck wit’ me, I fuck wit’ you & give us better days
I just want you every night along
I just wanna kick it, I just wanna lick it
Come get this dick

Lemme do you like I should {lemme do you}
Lemme save you like a refugee {like a refugee}
Even when we not talking no more {no more}
Take my soul then lose my numbers
Come wit' me I’ll do you harm
Fuck wit' me, imma put it till home

Gave you nights you won't regret
Gave you nights you won't forget
Super bad, body shawty, shake it off me
Gave you nights you won’t regret