What happened to Enkay Pro in 2013 & 2015...?

2013 was just a terrible year for a Young hip hop Artist "Enkay Pro"
Mr damaged ep was facing a lot in that year. In March 2013 it was Friday his abusive father was very drunk, so his father provoked the neighbor boy. So they had fight Énkay's father got defeated

He went to the police station to report the case but it wasn't helpfully. The next day (Saturday ) Enkay's father drank again he argued with Enkay's mother (Selina Chauke) Enkay wasn't home, when he got home... He found his father Hitting his mom, his Sister (Sarah chauke) tried to help The mother out but they had to call the police and Enkay's mother & Father had a break up. Then Enkay started to lose a focus that memory always come up on his mind

Enkay pro at love "I hate some as I hate my dad "
Enkay pro at prayer "Men beating out women, Am a son of a man"

In 2015 Enkay pro was in grade 7 at Makgatlhanong primary school, in August he lost his Grandma, he started doing the art the same day he lost his Grandmother (Elizabeth Chauke) He got no chance to know his grandma morely. "I hated Seeing my momma Crying, I don't like seeing my mom crying" When he saw his mom stressing. While his mom got Nobody on her side, his mom changed because Elizabeth was the last hope on her. Enkay decided to do rap to control his emotions, Énkay started smoking nobody knew what's wrong with he totally changed

Enkay pro recorded Prayer in 2018 talking about his life & also encouraging the youth to do right